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Here we research and build Media Tools for the Fedwiki Media Archive. In particular we look at how we handle photos, video and audio in wiki.

Follow Changes to this Site, or Changes to Fedwiki Sites, to see what we are Currently Working On. Use Fedwiki Tools to author new content.

# Tools

POST https://rest.livecode.world/mediawiki

Use the Fedwiki Tools or the transport below to import Wikipedia content:

POST https://rest.livecode.world/onetab

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Here we list all the sites we can find in the Federation to do with the way Federated Wiki functions:

This page shows all my recent changes across all my sites.

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The question here is how would I go about creating a page of Wards recent activity across all his sites?

Here we collect notes and ideas about how The Federation should evolve - where it is going.

Below we list recent changes from contributors below writing specifically on topics of relevance to the Future of the Federation:

This site is for Livecode documentation.

The C0de Academy is a site where we collect and research topics related to code, programming and technology.

Here we list all the sites we find in the Federation about the Livecode programming environment:

Here we describe the The Federation. We should use this term wisely. It describes quite clearly the social aspects of this project, while also pointing gently towards Star Trek and the future of the Decentralised Web.